9 Deadly Culprits of Time Management
© 2012 Sue McMillin, With Time to Spare
"Time management" is not the real problem. You cannot manage time, nor can you save it, hoard it, or multiply it.  You can only spend time and learn how to spend it wisely. Eliminate the culprits that prevent character development.  Manage your life with proven principles for greater effectiveness.
Culprit 1 → Packed Schedules
Culprits Causes Cures Character
Doing too much in order to feel busy, but little accomplished. Need to feel important Focus on what matters most Contentment
Culprit 2 → Procrastination
Culprits Causes Cures Character
Putting off what needs to be done today until tomorrow Fears failure Break projects into steps Decisiveness
Fears rejection
“If only” syndrome Complete an easy task
Culprit 3 → Perfectionism
Culprits Causes Cures Character
Unrealistic expectations of the “I can do it all” syndrome Needs control Strive for excellence not perfectionism  Endurance
Sets goals too high
Fears failure
Culprit 4 → Piles of Paperwork
Culprits Causes Cures Character
Not processing paperwork and bottlenecking the flow of papers on your desk Lacks training Get instruction Orderliness
Belief that piles = work Assign time each day
  Establish a system
Culprit 5 → Pendulum Mentality
Culprits Causes Cures Character
Easily distracted and change direction midstream Indecisive Need mission statement Dependability
Lacks focus Strive for closure
Lacks planning Finish what you start
Culprit 6 → Phone Interuptions
Culprits Causes Cures Character
The phone controls my schedule and my day Need to feel important Develop standards Cautiousness
Fears rejection Stand while on the phone
Lacks clear goals Answering machine off
Culprit 7 → Past Focused
Culprits Causes Cures Character
“If only”, “what if”, dwelling on the past - “We’ve always done it this way” Fears failure Be willing to change Flexibility
Fears taking risks Let go of the past
  Concentrate on what can be
Culprit 8 → Poor Planning
Culprits Causes Cures Character
Being swayed by your every day circumstances. Letting circumstances control you. Lacks focus Focus on your mission Determination
Fears rejection Align activities to mission
Gives in to others Schedule planning time
Culprit 9 → Performance Based
Culprits Causes Cures Character
Desire to please others. “If I don’t do it, who will?” Fears rejection Diligently delegate Humility
Feels guilt Nurture but don’t nag
Please note. These characteristics and definitions are from Bill Gothard’s “Character Sketches.”
1.    Contentment: Realizing everything I need for my present happiness has been provided.  
2.    Decisiveness: The ability to finalize difficult decisions.    
3.    Wisdom: Seeing and responding to life situations from the correct frame of reference.  
4.    Endurance: The inward strength to withstand stress to accomplish the best.  
5.    Orderliness: Preparing myself & my environment so that I will achieve the greatest efficiency.  
6.    Dependability: Fulfilling what I consented to do even if it means unexpected sacrifice.  
7.    Cautiousness: Knowing how important right timing is in accomplishing right actions.  
8.    Flexibility: Not setting my affections on ideas or plans which may be changed by others.  
9.    Determination: Purposing to accomplish my goals in time regardless of the opposition.  
10.  Humility: Recognizing that others are responsible for the achievements of my life.