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Getting organized can be a daunting task, but you don’t have to do it alone.

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Actually, Lazy Susans are not lazy, they’re smart! Never underestimate the time-saving and stress-reducing value of turntable organization.

I know, the basic Copco turntable looks like a coaster. But don’t let the look fool you. Once you use one, you’ll experience the ease and joy of turntables and never turn back!

And why waste time searching the web or driving around trying to find one. Get these great Copco turntables directly, simply and securely. No fuss, no muss. Always low prices, quick delivery and exceptional Amazon customer service if you need it.

Get the gadget:

How to use this nifty gadget:

  • You can use single turntables almost anywhere — even in your refrigerator! These are great for organizing hard to reach items like drinks, mustard, yogurt, or whatever small items don’t fit in the door.
  • You can also use these handy gadgets on your desk with a stapler, tape dispenser, and a cup with pens nestled in it.
  • Or how about using them in your garage or work area? They can provide easy access to your tools or any collection of small items you might keep in plastic containers or old jam jars.
  • And of course you can still use this turntable in cabinets for baby food, canned goods, small bottles like vinegar, or all of your spices.
  • Have other ideas? Snap a photo and share your idea!


I hope you have enjoyed and applied the practical guidelines in this series, “Principles to live by and to enjoy life more fully.” These simple nuggets of wisdom will help you get organized so you can enjoy your life more fully and give you time to spare at work or at home.

In this series I have encouraged you to:

- Battle with clutter.
Update and eliminate or you will accumulate.
- Take action against small irritants that trip you up.
- Downsize your stuff.
- Find the RIGHT place to put it all

Also, I have hopefully inspired you to:

- Finish each project that you start.
- Do the worst jobs first.

Why not drop me a line with your testimony of how one, or all, of these ideas has changed your life? I would be delighted to share your story. And if you enjoyed this series, why not check out other transformational series on my website?

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Always remember that I would love to come alongside you to help you with organizing, clutter reduction, creating systems and time management. Just give me a call or send me a message.