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Now that the dust has settled.

In the last two installments we dealt with the student desk and the student’s backpack.   In this installment we will deal with the student locker.

Third stop: The Student Locker


The student locker can become one of the most dysfunctional of all spaces.

Ask your student to survey their locker: Do they describe a cavernous space crammed with loose papers, a week-old lunch, and stinky gym shoes, and all of this is ready to avalanche out upon them as they open it?

  • As a first step, pick up some interlocking locker shelves. These stacking shelves use up all that wasted lower space and provide an area for books and supplies.
  • Next provide your student with a cool hanging magnetic organizer for the inside of the locker. This organizer is another nifty tool complete with notepads, storage for pencils and pens, plus a mini-bulletin board for reminders.
  • Other gadgets that tame the chaos beast lurking in the locker are magnetic pouches, magnetic buttons and hooks, and magnetic file pockets. How about a magnetic locker mirror for your student? I even found an ad for a locker shag rug!

All of these supplies can be purchased at Target or Walmart or an office supply store like Office Depot or Staples.

Now, with all this in place, they will not experience more locker shock, but instead, they will have a locker that rocks.  If you need encouragement in your parenting of school-age kids, check out Sue’s article Back to school, into life.

Check in next time when we will organize one of the most dysfunctional of spaces:  the student notebook binder.



Now that the dust has settled…

~In our first installment, we organized and tweaked the student’s desk to make it a more functional space.  In this second installment, we will deal with the student backpack.

Second stop: The backpack

A quick inspection might reveal that the typical student backpack is too heavy and full of unused junk; in short, a place screaming out for order!  It can so quickly devolve into a messy space that loses all functionality.sort and contain 2

  • First step: Clean it out completely. Open up all the side pockets, the zippered pouches and the nooks and crannies and really clean it out.  You will probably find a ton of stuff that just has no reason to be in the backpack to begin with.
  • Next step: Pack it only with essentials. Use all the pockets and zippered areas to their fullest potential.
  • Now that your student has been in school for a few weeks have they expressed a need for a personal organizer or planner? This would be their on-the-go mission control complete with spaces for assignments, “reminder” pages, and important notes.  So find them a good planner and put it in the backpack along with some other important essentials.
  • These essentials might include their laptop, books, computer charger, their notebooks and binders, chapstick, sunglasses, and a pouch full of pencils, pens, and the all-important highlighters.

The key to conquering the bulky backpack is “less is best.” They will need all available space for school books and assignments that they will bring home to do their homework.

Check in next time when we conquer the disorder in a typical student locker!