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What could make an organized homemaker, like me, scream with frustration? I’ll give you a hint. It is a common dysfunctional space in your home, and it lurks behind a door near your bathroom. Of course, I am talking about the linen closet.

The common American linen closet looks like something out of an episode of “Hoarders”.  Mine sure did. What is it about towels, washcloths and sheets that make it so hard to maintain an organized linen closet? I mean, do these linens make a pact with one another that as soon as the closet door closes they are going to jumble and muddle about? Of course, I jest, but seriously! The linen closet is one space that is notorious for its rapid descent into disorder.


Where can I, Penny Wise, go to get inexpensive but functional items to organize the linen closet? Of course, my answers are the dollar store, yard sales and the thrift store!

Dollar Store

The dollar store’s shelves runneth over with an amazing array of organizational baskets, bins and tubs. When my son and I decided we needed to organize the linen closet, the first thing we did was to take everything off all the shelves and lay them out on the floor. We eliminated all the outdated and stained items, and then we grouped together “like” items. All bath towels we grouped together, all medicines and health care items of the same type went together, etc. At this point, we knew what we needed at the dollar store.

We headed to the neighborhood Dollar Tree with list in hand. We stocked up on items like these.

dollar-store-organizationWe took our treasures home and started the organization and containerization process. Each basket or bin held just one type of item, like all the toothpaste and dental floss went in one, all soaps went in another, all first-aid items went in still another. You get the picture.  If you don’t have time to traipse around town  then I would suggest that you check out Sue’s Amazon store for other solutions.  She offers bins, stackable solutions and containers of all sizes.

My son printed out labels on his computer, and we filled and labeled all the health and bath products that had been cluttering the shelves.

My linen closet went from a cluttered disorganized mess to a thing of beauty and functionality, and it cost under $10.

Yard Sales

Going to yard sales is one of my favorite pastimes. It is amazing how one person’s trash can become my treasure.Vacuum-Storage-Bag-YS009-

I found fantastic large plastic zippered bags at a yard sale for pennies. These became a great storage solution for sheets and blankets in the linen closet. Better yet are the vacuum storage space-saver bags that I found for a couple of dollars. We stored the guest sheets and towels in those, and they just took up inches in our closet.

Thrift Stores

My thrift store adventures always turn into treasure hunts with great results. The idea here is to repurpose common items you might find in a thrift store. One of my favorites is the wine rack I found for a dollar in the thrift store. Of course, I repurposed it to be a decorative towel display in the bathroom.

The thrift store usually has a housewares section where you can find all manner of decorative baskets, mugs, and bins. A Lazy-Susan would be a perfect solution for larger items like hair spray and mouthwash. And consider getting an over-the-door shoe organizer for your linen closet door to hold all kinds of health and beauty items as well as bulky items like your hair dryer or curling iron.

And, of course, you can also make your space beautiful using thrift store finds. Take a look at this lovely candle holder that I found at the thrift store for pennies. Perfect match for my bathroom! Add a dollar store candle on the top, and you have a lovely place for your eye to focus on when in the bathroom.


You know, I love organizing, but I love saving money more! That’s why they call me Penny Wise!

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